C.A.R.S. Training and Education

Charlie’s Auto Restoration School (C.A.R.S.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and training school for students interested in a career in automotive restoration. The program recruits master mechanics, engine builders, metal fabricators, painters, electricians, upholsterers, air conditioning mechanics and body shop technicians to train and closely mentor the next generation of auto restoration professionals as they collaborate on the restoration of vintage or muscle cars.

Pursue your passion for automobiles by learning to restore the icons of yesterday.

There is an ever-increasing demand to preserve and relive the golden age of automobiles. To restore unique and rare vehicles to their former glory takes advanced skills not practiced in today’s modern collision repair class.

This type of program – specializing in automotive preservation – can only be found in a handful of schools in the nation, and none have found a way to make it FREE.

Automotive restoration program at C.A.R.S. starts with developing the basic painting and non-structural repairs common to all cars, but then progresses to refining the unique skills found in:

Sheet metal forming
Upholstery fabric and installation
Automotive parts research
Classic paint coloring and matching
Custom machining / fabrication / welding
Fit and finish
Antique mechanical and electrical systems

We work with museums, collectors, concurs staff, aficionados, and enthusiasts. Charlie has over 35 years of automotive restoration under his belt. With most of it owning his restoration shop here in the South Bay.

Thus far, CARS has been operating as a pilot program to prove the validity of the concept. With the enthusiastic response of the trainees and the participating master mechanics and technicians, it is now ready to move to the next level. Donations and grants will position us for the coming year, allowing us to expand our tools and equipment, purchase another vintage/muscle car that will be sold at auction once it is restored and modernized and pay a small stipend to trainees so they can focus on what they are learning rather than having to take time away to work a job in an unrelated field.