Career Path

C.A.R.S. offers students a career pathway into the rapidly growing, in-demand automotive restoration industry by serving as the conduit between career-minded students and automotive business employers looking for talent. We bring the two together through an innovative educational program rooted in decades of automotive restoration excellence.

Below is a high-level snapshot of the key components that make this program uniquely successful.

Advisory Committee
Locally, a business-education “roundtable” is strategically assembled, comprised of:

  • Business owners, managers, technicians
  • Vehicle, equipment & industry representatives
  • School instructor, principal, superintendent, counselors
  • College representatives
  • Parents
  • Program graduates

Student Interviews
We provide a structured approach to matching students and community employers, enabling:

  • Real-world experience and exposure to local opportunities
  • A unique, collaborative decision-making process to best support each student
  • Qualified students to secure a mentor-led internship with a local employer

All career development qualified students selected for internships are expected to complete 320 hours of work experience & complete assignments.
Visited by school liaison to ensure clear employer-school communication and performance reports.

Job Shadowing
Students shadow 3-4 companies to:

  • Introduce students to different career opportunities; gain exposure to potential future employers
  • Assess their interest in an automotive career at an early juncture
  • Gain first-hand insights into daily work routines, responsibilities and to contextualize classroom learning
  • Help develop workplace “soft skills”— communication, accountability, respect, etc…

Mentor/Intern Training
Prior to the start of an internship, the student and selected employer technician team up to set expectations, responsibilities and any helpful tips for workplace success.

Awareness Activities
Industry advocacy is an integral part of the career development process, to showcase the value of automotive service and its impact to the community. Various events and activities take place throughout the school year and involve all disciplines: students, parents, educators, civic and community groups, and more.

Benefits to Students & Parents

A bright, secure future. Student partaking in career development embark on an in-demand, long-term career path full of opportunities rich with innovation—varied and textured to chart your own course.

C.A.R.S. brand recognition. In this industry, an C.A.R.S. stamp-of-approval means a lot—it represents quality, excellence and a commitment to safety.

Strengthened employability skills. Through our partnership with various companies, students learn the ever-important teamwork skills such as dependability, positive attitude, collaborative spirit and more.

Mentorship and guidance in real-world settings. Students learn, train, practice, observe and collaborate with trained mentors and employers through the C.A.R.S. Education internship program. This provides context to what is being taught—learning by doing.

A process that works. With a presence in schools all across the country, the career development process has graduated over 100,000 career-ready students.

Confidence booster. Students perform real-life tasks with meaningful guidance from mentors, employers & educators. They learn by doing. And it works.

Benefits to Employers

The C.A.R.S. Education Foundation partners with automotive service businesses on all levels.

1. Nationally: corporate industry leaders in vehicle, parts, tool and equipment manufacturing.
2. Regionally: automotive service and repair associations, retail trade associations, state departments of education and labor.
3. Locally: automotive service and repair providers in the community.

Quality talent. Participating with an C.A.R.S. Accredited Training Program that uses the student career development model, you get priority access to the technicians of tomorrow. Tapping into our network of eager, inspired, technically-driven students gives any automotive service business a tremendous advantage in a competitive market.

Employee retention and growth. By working with young people early in their career, employers can cultivate and mentor new hires—avoiding costly turnover and instead cementing long-term relationships that flourish over time. See our intern value calculator to get a sense of what this can mean to your bottom line!

“Hard” and “soft” skills. Technical aptitude shares equal weight with inter-personal work-skills such as communication, collaboration, dependability and positive attitudes.

“Boots on the ground” intel. Field Manager network to assist with building relationships and access to programs, instructors and students.

Results Driven! Our process has successfully paired over 100,000 students with fruitful careers.